Cooperation and consensus is needed in the City Council - let's build instead of breaking

I am running in the Helsinki municipal elections because I am worried about polarization and the concerning trend where people don't seem to want to hear opposing views. We must be able to look at things broadly and be solution-oriented. Only openness and pragmatic reasoning is the direction in which we can fix things. The facts need to be underlined and acknowledged. This requires a willingness to listen and hear others. There is no reason to hide in a bubble. A healthy society is based on openness and respecting others.


  • Immigration is good when integration works
  • No to parallel societies
  • No to harmful traditional practices 
  • Clear no to Grand Mosque projects
  • Girls and boys should be treated equally
  • Constant development has become a chronic disease
  • Teachers need to be heard
  • Order must be brought back
  • The core funding must be in place
  • No to limited rights - all children should have the same opportunities
  • No to reckless spending 
  • I am opposed to municipal tax increases
  • We can't spend more than we earn
  • Funding the basic services is a priority


Policies should not be made just for fun. There must always be a reason behind doing something or changing it. We must be involved and aware of things that are decided. We must listen to different views and experts and form our own conclusions afterward. Values ​​remain, although opinions may change.