My success has been made possible by a welfare system that offers every child the same opportunities regardless of the cards they have received in life. This is one of the most important things I want to stick to. The basic services must be in place so that all children, regardless of their background, can have the same opportunities.

Well kept health care and education enable our well-being - That I will not erode, I secure it. Work, diligence, and responsibility are virtues that I want to reinforce. In a western world of the constant emphasis on rights, I want to be a voice that speaks for responsibility. I've learned that in life is worth relying on those who stress their obligations rather than rights.

Let's take care that basic services are in order and that there is enough money in the future. This requires responsible financial management. First, we have to take care of the necessary things, everything else is secondary.

Healthcare and education are the backbones of the Finnish welfare society. We should be extremely proud of this. The well kept economy is a tool to sustain it and accountability is a required trait to maintain it.

I will manage municipal finances as it was my own. Debts have to be paid, nothing more can be wasted than earned. We must save for a bad day and it is worth investing in the future. We do not accept bad housekeeping where problems are not addressed or things are not tried to be done better.

Then if - and unfortunately more and more often when - it's hard, we will look for a solution to reverse the direction. The number one means of economic adjustment must not be to dick into the wallets of local residents. We are opposed to municipal tax increases. Labor taxation is already worryingly high in Finland. It can no longer be tightened. Instead, services need to be provided smarter and more efficiently.

The Coalition Party believes that people should be able to decide how they spend their own money. Our goal is that the municipal tax will not be raised in Finnish municipalities during the council term. Other taxes and rising living costs must also be curbed. Raising waste charges, electricity transmission charges, water charges or other charges each year must not be a way to remedy the municipality's weak economic situation. First, every effort must be made to improve productivity and competitiveness.

Companies create work and well-being. Money and well kept economy are Coalition Party's way of doing the work of heart. Help me keep the welfare functioning.

Finland needs consistency and stability during and after the corona crisis. The focus must be on securing the health, education, safety, work, and the economy of people.