I am a Deputy Councilor of the city of Helsinki and a member of a National Coalition Party (Kokoomus) council group. I actively participate in Finnish society. I'm particularly interested in improving the position of those that are most vulnerable. Human rights, equality, and security are important topics to me. I've studied Middle Eastern Studies in the USA. I graduated from the University of Turku in the department of Political Science. 

I came to Finland with my family as a refugee in 1996. Obtaining refugee status has had a significant positive impact on my life and opportunities. I attended primary and secondary school in Vaasa and completed my master's degree in Turku. I've worked and studied in the United States of America.

I have lived in Finland for 25 years. During this time I have seen how Finland has changed. Change has not always been positive. That is why I feel that the voice of immigrants with a pragmatic and constructive approach to issues is needed when discussing integration and security.

I wish to push forward inclusive immigration policies that are not passive and don't languish. I want to encourage people to work so they can create a better future for themselves. I believe that freedom and accountability go hand in hand - there is no freedom without responsibility. I want to hold on to all the good that this country has been built on. Society needs doers. And I'm ready to roll up my sleeves!

I am a Kokoomus nominee in the parliament elections in Helsinki. You may vote for me by writing 150 on the ballot paper. Thank you for your support!