Policies should not be made just for fun. There must always be a reason behind doing something or changing it. We must be involved and aware of things that are decided. We must listen to different views and experts and form our own conclusions afterward. Values ​​remain, although opinions may change. There is so much change happening in the world, especially now, that it requires politicians to be on the nerves of time.

Why go change something that works? There must be good reasons for the change. Fine-tuning can be needed, but nothing new should be done because of pressure or that it looks good. And when something is done, the decision must be preceded by an investigation, familiarization, and good reasoning. We must ask, why do we do what we do?

A politician must see the big pictures and look further to the future. How this decision affects further decisions? Policymakers must be solution-oriented, open-minded, cooperative, and hardworking. It has the enormous advantage of having extensive networks both on the part of civil society and with media. Politicians must have the ability to listen and evaluate things. It requires experience and vision as well as the right kind of attitude. She needs to be eager to learn. Because in life you can't ever graduate. Life teaches every single day.

The decision-maker must be able to make even difficult decisions. She must be a brave reformer and debater. Despite the criticism, I dare to stand behind the things I am driven for and which I believe in. I will work hard to push forward things that matter the most. I have strong evidence of this.

I have been able to promote the children's and vulnerable women's issues. Efforts have been made to silence me and I have been stigmatized. But I have shown over the years that words can't let me down when larger things are at stake. There are important issues that need to be solved. I want to prevent the creation of a parallel society and fight polarization. Finland belongs to all those who want to be part of society. Who wants to work here and who see their future in safe Finland. Because there is room for everyone here.